Doc Bowling and His Blues Professors

Doc Bowling and his Blues Professors have been pleasing audiences in small and large venues across the UK, Ireland and Germany for nearly a decade. Inspired by the heroes of blues, jazz and country from the 1930s, 40s and 50s. heir original songs bring new life to some old country blues tunes with contemporary political commentary.

The band have performed on the Crossroads Stage at Secret Garden Party and are headlining this year at SouthWest Fest (aka Pimlico Festival) on 29 June. The Blues Professors third album – Cosmopolitan Soul– is released on vinyl, CD and Spotify on 30 May.

“Devilishly good and simply heavenly”

- Eckerforde Zeitung, Germany

“British blues with angst and political satire”

- Head Gardener, Secret Garden Party

"The band played their socks off and the audience soaked up the group’s infectious energy and responded in kind.... the gravelly voiced Doc grabbed the crowd in the palm of his hand.... From hard hitting blues complete with wailing harmonica to the fiddle led country blues.... mesmeric violin, harmonica, saxophone and guitar flurries... the band played into the night and still people shook and whooped in delight, until the very last chord."

- Rhythm & Booze Magazine

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